Thursday, December 6, 2018

Fear the Feathers- From the Principal

Hello PV Middle School Families,

I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your student with us this year, and for allowing us to have a chance to impact their life in a positive way!  I am thankful and humbled by the opportunity to be the principal at PV!  Thank you all!

Fear the Feathers!

School Board Approves Bond Proposal!!!
The SPS school board unanimously approved a bond proposal for the April 2nd ballot.  Please see this News Release for more information!  Hillcrest and PV are on this bond ballot.  All schools will also receive secured entryways with this proposal!

Student Attendance- Please View Our Year-To-Date Attendance by Grade Level
The below information shows the percentage of our students by grade level that are above 90% attendance.  WE ARE ABOVE 85% of our students have 90% attendance for the first time all year!  Keep coming to school!

6th Grade Attendance: 86.78%
7th Grade Attendance: 85.73%
8th Grade Attendance: 82.94%

This makes our school percent of students that have above 90% attendance, 85.13%. This is a decrease in our building attendance percent!  GREAT WORK 6th GRADE!

Please help us get our building attendance up!  Our building attendance goal is 90%, and we need your help to get to that number.  Please send your student to school when at all possible!

Crosslines Food Drive
This is the last week to donate to the Crosslines Food Drive at PV.  We are hosting our second annual holiday food drive for Zone 1 families beginning Monday, November 26.  If you are able, please consider supporting this food drive for families in the Hillcrest feeder pattern.  Thank you!

Updated PV Chromebook Policy STARTING SECOND QUARTER
Since chromebooks are provided by the district as a tool for your student’s learning, we want them to have it charged and ready to go each day at school.  When students have to visit the library to get a loaner chromebook, they miss valuable instruction time.  Parents, we want to partner with you to set your student up for success in the classroom.  Please help remind your student to have their chromebook, and have it charged.

The following scope and sequence will be followed beginning second quarter.

1st Loaner Checkout– Warning
2nd Loaner Checkout – Warning
3rd Loaner Checkout – Lunch Detention & Parent Contact

4th Loaner Checkout – Chromebook must remain at school until end of quarter

Upcoming Sports Announcements- Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Archery
Girls Basketball- Games continue this week! 

Wrestling- Meets continue this week!

Archery- Attention middle school students and parents, Springfield Public Schools is beginning is second year of archery after a record breaking first year. Archery season starts Monday, December 17th and concluding on Saturday, March 23rd with the National Archery in Schools Program State Championship in Branson, Missouri. Archery is a rapidly growing activity across the country, and the Missouri State High School Activities Association has recently endorsed the program by offering it as an emerging activity. Springfield Public Schools PE teachers have been teaching archery in the classroom for a few years, thus we encourage students to get involved by representing their school in archery competitions. Besides the opportunity to represent your school, participation in middle school activities/athletics has been linked to higher grade point averages, higher attendance rates, fewer incidents of discipline, and persistence towards graduation. We, at Springfield Public Schools, look forward to an outstanding archery season!

Leadership in Action
Leadership in Action is a club sponsored by the Hillcrest High School JROTC designed to build confidence, team-work, leadership and discipline in participating students.  The club is open to all PV MS students.  The group will meet the first Wednesday of each month at PV from 3:00-4:15 PM.

ATTENTION Parents of 7th and 8th Grade Students 
7th and 8th Grade Students can participate in MSHSAA sports through the SPS school district.  In first quarter, we have football, volleyball, and cross country.  In order for students to participate during second quarter, they must have fewer than two failing grades during first quarter.  Students who receive out of school suspension will be suspended from events for 14 days for the first offense, and for the remainder of the school year for a second offense.  

Student Pick-up from Events/Games
With students attending games at events at PV and other venues, we wanted to share the rules for student pick-up.  All students that do not have a parent in the stands at PV football games must be picked up by 8:00 PM.  For volleyball or other events that are inside, students will be communicated a pick-up time from the administrator at half-time of the second game.  Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the games, or they will not be allowed to attend the next game.

Student Expectations Video
We shared this behavior expectation video with all PV Middle School students so we could clearly express our expectations for their behaviors in the cafeteria, hallways, and bathrooms.  

PV Middle School Student Expectations

Check Your Student's Grades On-line
Parents, you have access to your student's grades through our on-line grade book program.  If you need access or have questions, please call the office at 523-2100.

Teacher Recognition Form
We have amazing teachers and staff here at PV.  We often get asked by parents, what is the best way to recognize our wonderful group of teachers and staff members.  One way is to complete an Employee Recognition Form to show your appreciation.  There is no recognition that is too small, and we thank you for taking time to recognize and celebrate our teachers and staff.

2018-19 School Calendar

Are you curious about dates for our district? Here is the 2018-19 Springfield Public School Calendar.

Upcoming Events                                                       
Friday, 12/7: Today is the last day of our food drive to benefits Crosslines
                     FCA meeting, 7:30 AM

Monday, 12/10: Newspaper club, 3:00-4:00 PM
                          Scholar Bowl Meeting, 3:00-4:00 PM
                          Girls basketball vs Reed, 7th grade @ Reed, 8th grade plays @ HHS,                                    5:30 PM

Tuesday, 12/11: BLAB Club, 7:30 AM
                          Math Club, 3:00-4:00 PM

Wednesday, 12/12: Prodigy Club, 7:30 AM
                                BLAB Leaders Meeting, 7:30 AM
                                Robotics Club, 3:00-4:00 PM
                                Scholar Bowl Meeting, 3:00-4:00 PM
                                Wrestling Meet @ Pleasant View, 5:30 PM

Thursday, 12/13: FCA Leaders Meeting, 7:30 AM
                            Speech & Debate Meeting, 3:00-4:30 PM
                            Pokemon Go Club, 3:00-4:00 PM

Friday, 12/14: FCA Meeting, 7:30 AM
                       Girls basketball vs. Carver, 7th grade @ PV, 5:30 PM

Saturday, 12/15: Girls basketball play-in games.  Time and location to be determined.

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  1. Don't forget about PV Soccer! They beat Ozark 10-0 on Tuesday!
    Next game is Tuesday 9/11 against Reed Academy.